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  2. Hello Bill!

    Will you be watching the match tomorrow in Hanoi? I’m a football fan from Singapore and I want to experience a live match here. I hear I have to be at the stadium a lot earlier to stand a chance of buying a ticket. How much will the ticket for tomorrow’s game cost?


    • Hi Jolmar,

      Yes I’ll be waching the game tomorrow. The tickets are about 50,000 VND each (about $2,50). The crowds are normally very small for Hanoi T&T, normally around 3-5,000 so no need to arrive too early.

      • Hey Bill sorry about not contacting you earlier. I went to watch the first half yesterday. Thanks to you I didn’t budge on the price of the ticket and paid only 50,000 for it. And you are right about the crowd…why is it that Hanoi doesn’t attract enough fans? It felt just like Singapore where we struggle to fill up half or even a third of the stadium. But I saw the highlights of the other matches across Vietnam and I can’t imagine how awesome the atmosphere must be. Such a waste…!

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