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  1. Hello together,
    i am a groundhopper from germany and i visit ho chi ming city at the weekend 27/28.june 2015
    i see one game on sunday evening (Dong Nai at 5pm, V league 1)
    but on saturday is a game hang day vs Công An Nhân Dân. in which city is the game? behind the game stays pt. Hồ Chí Minh. maybe is it possible that the game is in ho chi ming city?

    can you help me to find the right stadium where is the game?

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Chris. The match is CAND v HCMC and will be played at Hang Day stadium in Hanoi. There are no Saturday matches in HCMC that weekend. On the Sunday I would certainly recommend going to see Bing Duong v HAGL. The reigning champions vs the best supported team, there will be a huge crowd for that game. you can take 2 public buses from HCMC or rent a taxi for the day. or drive a motorbike! Good luck

      • thanks for your answer. i think this is a good idea to visit bing duong.
        what is about lower league games on this weekend? i see on http://www.soocerway.com a game on friday, Dong Nai II Palace Khanh Hoa, but not stadium where will be play.
        can you help in this case?

  2. apologies for the late reply, i’m currently away from Hanoi. I do not know the details for the lower league venues at Dong Nai. if its not too late try contacting the guys at Viet Football News on twitter (@vietfooty). They are based in the south and will know more than me for that region good luck and enjoy your trip.

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