7 responses to “Hà Nội T&T 4-4 Quảng Nam

  1. Hi, I attended this match on Saturday, is it possible to obtain a scarf for Hanoi, I tried a number of shops without success, a few people had them, so presume they can be purchased somewhere. Do they ever sell programs. Finally, why were they wearing all white and not any yellow, yet the supporters all wore yellow? Would it be possible to include on this the home and away colour, the clubs nickname and.major sponsor, or is that too difficult. Regards Wayne (the league should have photos taken of the pitches and the soccer websites updated, I think they would be surprised how much interest is out there if the information is available)

  2. Hi Wayne. Yes it is now possible to buy a scarf/t-shirt outside of gate number 5 before all home matches. combined price is 120k. Programs are not produced unfortunately, not even when Arsenal played or throughout the Suzuki Cup. I am planning to add more details to this website about the teams but for now here is a link : http://www.vnleague.com/vdqg-vleague/cac-doi-bong/

    • Hi again,
      as I am back in Australia, I am unable to purchase the scarf. I do have a couple of suggestions, could I send you the money (to cover scarf, postage and your time) and you mail it to me, or I have a friend in Ha Noi (lives near West Lake and works in Ha Noi), I could ask her to put the money in your account or if you are in Ha Noi proper I could arrange for her to meet you (or at least see if she would be prepared to, her name is Linh and I have copied her in).

      Hopefully there may be a way that I can organise to get teh scarf, I have scarves from Serbia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Germany, England, as it is an easy item for me to purchase and carry when travelling.

      All the best Wayne

      Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 01:16:05 +0000
      To: wayne.hopkins@hotmail.com

    • Trying to work out your name, I think it may be Bill George, if so I will address you as Bill.
      Re below, I understand that this was purchased for me (it may have been via yourself) so am waiting for it to arrive here in Australia.
      I have a favour to ask as I want to keep it a secret from my young Vietnamese friends so as to surprise them (fyi I am 58).

      It is my intention to return to Hanoi in the new year, but with the draw for World Cup qualifiers out this week I am thinking of coming over for a week perhaps in October, from what I can make out there may be 2 matches in less than a week (both seem to be in Hanoi), if I were to come would you be able to assist me purchase tickets, either showing me how to buy them online or me send you money. This is still to be confirmed but I thought I would drop you this note now.

      In addition, I would like to meet you as I very much enjoy reading your blog and I would like to meet you and understand a bit of your background ie what you are doing there and just talk VietNam football in general as it has piqued my curiosity.

      If I were to come, do you think you would be able to assist me as I have written here.

      Take careWayne

      Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 01:16:05 +0000
      To: wayne.hopkins@hotmail.com

      • Hi sorry for the ate reply. I can help you get tickets ud it would begneatto meet someone interested in Watching VN football!

  3. I believe white is the ‘home’ shirt this season, but often the team will also wear yellow at home. I have no idea why! Will you be going to any more matches?

    • Hi,
      I am back in Australia (off to Bangkok on Tuesday, last time there saw Thai All Stars play Barcelona in a friendly), but looks like I am a week early before their season commences. Hope to get to another match when I return in 2016.
      Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 01:18:30 +0000
      To: wayne.hopkins@hotmail.com

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