Missing the Monday afternoon cup game.

Hanoi T&T v Kien Giang, National Cup, 3-3, T&T win 5-4 on pens

So a month after the start of the current season and only two league games in, I’ve missed my first match due to work commitments. Hanoi T&T played Kien Giang in the first round of the national cup. Strangely the game was scheduled to take place on Monday afternoon at 4pm, so I doubt very much I was the only one unable to attend. Surely to maximize attendances and TV audiences a later kick off would have been more suitable but I’m currently unaware of what the leagues actual priorities are.

Nonetheless T&T have progress to the quarter finals thanks to a 5-3 win on penalties after an entertaining 3-3 draw at the Hang Day stadium. Finding news reports on the game have proved a little difficult with the English language broadcasters not updating the sports section on a regular basis and my lack of Vietnamese I have had to rely on Google Translator, which throws up some rather odd things, so here’s my favourites from the game:

 “With fair play, know known, Kien Giang cause many difficulties for homeowners”

 “Minutes 39, Felix fun slots convenient to Jackson”

 “the efforts of Ha Noi T & T players ruined by the mistakes of goalkeeper Hong Son.  Nghe An goalkeeper catches the ball does not stick from Felix’s thrown the ball away. Immediately, Thanh Sang hit the ball softly cushion equalize 3-3 for Kien Giang”

The goalkeeper’ mistake can be seen here:


 “According to the charter of the National Cup, 3-3 in 90 minutes of play, two teams step right into a series of stone 11m. In a series of gun battles, only the thuan (Kien Giang) grace and Hanoi T & T win 5-3 to go forward”


In the next round Hanoi have been draw at home to play Long An, but I’ll have to wait 3 ½ months to experience my first Vietnamese Cup match as the game isn’t scheduled to take place until mid July.


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